Aberdeen, Washington 1889

Aberdeen, Washington 1898

Aberdeen, Washington 1889 (as restoration was in progress from 2013 – 2015)

Restoration 2013 by Gavin Miller of McCausland 1989 mural

Section one of Original McCausland’s 1989 Centennial Mural as restored in 2013 by Gavin Miller



2nd section 2013 restoration by Gavin Miller of Original

Progress of restoration of section two in Fall of 2013 ┬áby Gavin Miller of original of McCausland’s 1989 Centennial Mural

in process Clock section w/ sponsors

The central clock section shows deterioration progressing into last two sections of mural barely showing to the right.

miller 2014

The final sections show the present (2014) addition of the Lady Washington and the Hawaiian Chieftain, painted by Gavin Miller.  Completion work is planned for summer of 2015.










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