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If you have a project you want to do, we want to talk with you.  Once your project is approved by Our Aberdeen’s Coordinating Committee, we can help you find funds and publicity.

Mural Env frt jpegThe State of Washington, through chairs First Lady Jean Gardner and Secretary of State Ralph Munro, sponsored eighty statewide projects to observe Washington’s year-long Centennial celebration.

In Grays Harbor, the celebration was kicked off in Aberdeen with the dedication of an initial four murals on     November 11, 1988,  only  one of  which  remains  today — The History of Transportation at the Transit Center by Jenny Fisher (restored in 2012).  By the end of the  celebration, there were forty murals in Grays Harbor, ten of which were in Aberdeen.  Today, only five of those ten still exist.

It is the goal of Our Aberdeen’s “Murals on the Map”    project to restore, document, and create new murals throughout the downtown corridor.


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